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Get to Know Me

Hi! I'm Dr. Anjali Dhar (she/they_

Licensed Psychologist (OR #3525)

If you’re like me, you want to know more about me before you can imagine sharing your story with me. It is so hard to be vulnerable and open with someone- anyone- particularly someone you’ve never met. Here are a few things about me that I hope will help you decide if we’ll work well together. 

The reason I became a psychologist is because I saw how much relationships were central to our lives... and how much they tended to go wrong. Despite our best efforts, we tend to engage with ourselves and others in ways that aren't congruent to who we really are. This can be because of identity factors, cultural narratives and roles, or simply not knowing any differently. While these patterns help us survive, I was always hopeful that there are options for exploring more authentic ways to move through the world.


I am glad to say that becoming a therapist has been everything I was hoping it would be. It's creative, engaging, and deeply healing. I get to walk alongside people who really haven't had the chance to explore who they are and what they would like to do differently in their lives. I can be flexible in what I offer, and because I don't practice from a single lens or way of healing, I can tailor therapy to each person's unique needs. I am also a life-long learner and aim to always learn more about new ways to reduce suffering and foster hope.


I also knew that a Eurocentric way of looking at mental health was not what I wanted to embody- especially since I have South Asian Indian and Latinx roots. I know how important identity is in how we view the world, and I centralize yours in the work we do together. 


I focused on working with diverse populations while pursuing my doctoral program in Psychology at Loyola University in Baltimore, MD. I worked in community mental health organizations serving Baltimore's LGBTQIA+ community, was a trainee at Morgan State University's counseling center, and focused on working with BIPOC communities.


These experiences have led me to want to offer healing, understanding and growth for others who have experienced identity struggles, trauma and relationship challenges. I use humor, directness and a keen sense of what could help to guide you along your path to healing. I have particular interest and experience working with BIPOC populations, LGBTQIA+ folx,  and emerging adults/graduate students. I have also enjoyed supervising graduate students and other early career clinicians. 

Outside of the therapy room, I enjoy hiking, traveling, concerts, exploring new cities, video games,  and spending each day with my pup Zadie. I have a background in technology as well as the creative arts, and have been a dancer for much of my life. 

Do we sound like a fit? If so, contact me for a free phone consultation so we can get to know each other! 

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